How to Become a Member of Martin Bluff Baptist Church

Covenant membership is a commitment to one another—a willing pledge to guard, care, submit, support, and minister together for the building up of our church body.

There are several ways that you can become a member at Martin Bluff Baptist Church.

By profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord

In this manner, a person professes faith in Christ and chooses to follow through with believer’s baptism. In professing faith, a person is saying that he/she believes that Jesus is God’s Son and that He died on the cross for our sins making Him our Savior. A professing believer has also repented of their sins, has turned from their past lifestyle of self-seeking, self-pleasing, and self-glorifying and has surrendered to Christ as Lord.

By transfer of letter

Wherein, a person who is a member of another Baptist church chooses to move his/her membership from their previous church to this one. The former church responds by mail, stating that such persons are members in good standing, granting their transfer letter. To join in this manner, one has already become a Christian and has been baptized by immersion.

By statement

This is when a person states that he/she has been saved, baptized by immersion and a member of a Baptist church (or one of like faith). This can include persons who were Baptist, moved their membership to another denomination, and who now choose to join this church at Martin Bluff. This could also apply to anyone coming from another Baptist church whose records have been lost. 

Or by rededication and transfer/statement

Sometimes a believer has been out of fellowship with God and with the church (as a member of another Baptist church or one of like faith and order) and wants to renew his/her commitment and chooses to join with this body of believers.

Seven Expectations of Church Members

  1. To have a relationship with Jesus and to have followed Him in believer’s baptism
  2. To live for Him and to grow spiritually
  3. To be faithful in Christian fellowship, faithfully supporting the services of the church
  4. To serve Jesus Christ through His church
  5. To share the doctrine, vision, and mission of Martin Bluff Baptist Church
  6. To support the work of Martin Bluff Baptist Church with tithes and offerings
  7. To help win the lost in the Gautier area to Jesus Christ.

We ask all NEW members to sign a Church Covenant upon joining the church. You can find a copy of that Covenant on the front row. Periodically we have New Member Classes for those who would like to learn more about Martin Bluff Baptist, our beliefs, our mission, and how we do ministry. These will be announced and publicized. If you are interested, please call the church office. If you do not yet have a relationship with Jesus Christ and would like to know more, please call Pastor Josh and set up a time to talk with him about that.